Trusted medical authorities confirm the safety of fat freezing as an effective approach to contouring your body without surgery. Approval of the procedure by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) opens opportunities for you to safely get rid of stubborn fat deposits. Contour sculpting has become the most popular way to reduce the volume of fatty areas, and scientific studies confirm Fat Freezing Safety. Reasons for its wide acceptance make it a preferred choice for targeting fat. Fat freezing is a proven method that provides efficient results and safe outcomes that can transform your appearance and helps to increase your self-esteem.


Directly responsible to its parent agency, the Department of Health and Human Services, the FDA occupies a position of prominence only one level away from the White House. As the guardian of public health, it ensures the safety of drugs, biological products and medical devices for humans and animals. With its high level of responsibility and authority, the agency ensures the health and safety of Americans. No device or procedure that can harm an American citizen receives approval from the FDA.

Federal law requires manufacturers of drugs or devices to receive FDA approval before placing them on the market. FDA approval allows Americans to rely on Fat Freezing Safety and effectiveness. Responsibility for protecting public health requires the federal agency to ensure the safe use of drugs and medical products before you can access them. In addition, the FDA provides science-based, accurate and reliable information that gives you confidence in the fat freezing procedure. Its commitment to protecting the public health assures you that the fat freezing devices we use do provide safe and effective treatment.


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The founders of Cryolipolysis discovered an unexpected effect of cold on tissue that provides a safe alternative to invasive techniques for fat loss. Their observation of what happened to young children who let a Popsicle rest for several minutes inside the cheek created a revolution in fat loss and changed lives of the fat-conscious population. As they examined the tissue samples, they learned that the fat cells showed inflammation. However, the cold did not affect the overlying skin. Thus, the concept of cold-induced fat necrosis showed that fat freezing can kill fat cells without any effect on your skin.


Cryolipolysis offers safe and effective treatment that freezes and eliminates fat cells. As a nonsurgical option, it avoids the complications of surgery and anesthesia, eliminating risk to safety. In addition, safe practices in the procedure provide substantial reasons to choose it as the preferred approach to fat reduction

  • No incision
  • No risk of infection
  • No hospitalization
  • No sedation or anesthesia
  • No damage to skin, nerves or muscles
  • No downtime
  • Nonsurgical procedure
  • Suitable for any age

Avoiding typical requirements of surgery removes risk and enhances Fat Freezing Safety. In addition, a procedure that can treat more than one part of the body simultaneously on an outpatient basis provides options for anyone wanting to enjoy a beautifully contoured body without risk.


A lady in underwear and a undershirt grabbing her side fat with one hand pinching it.

Advances in technology offer access to procedures that freeze fat cells by making them react to them. A 30-minute sessions gently target the fat cells in your abdomen, arms, back, around your bra, buttocks, chin, flanks and legs without harming your skin. Approval by the FDA cleared the procedure for reducing visible fat in the areas we treat. Our treatments work compatibly with your body’s ability to dispose of the frozen fat cells over time without risk to create the contours you desire. An opportunity to change your shape and self-image no longer requires surgery, anesthesia, bleeding or the possibility of infection. Fat Freezing Safety makes sure you get the results you want without the risks that invasive procedures involve.


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Reports in the National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health show the results of the most popular option for reducing fat with cryolipolysis. Researchers confirm that the ease of using it and the lack of adverse side effects make it the leading technology for fat reduction. You can significantly reduce fat in targeted areas with fat freezing for body contouring. Similarly, another report shows the safety of cryolipolysis for body contouring.

Researchers provide reports that confirm cryolipolysis as a very safe process that produces only minimal side effects. The PubMed site contains links to numerous reports confirming the safety and efficacy of the process. With documented, scientific evidence that cryolipolysis provides a safe and efficient fat reduction method with a high rate of patient satisfaction, its proven reliability provides peace of mind.


Studies show the Fat Freezing Safety and effectiveness of cryolipolysis for treating fatty areas, and we implement precautions to ensure it. A trained and highly skilled fat freezing technician determines who qualifies as a good candidate for the procedure. We require candidates to have a record of maintaining their current weight. Cryolipolysis can produce slight to modest improvements on the limbs, abdomen and areas below the chin. We recommend that candidates ask a health care provider who knows their medical history for an opinion on the advisability of obtaining the procedure.

You are a good candidate if you are in good physical condition as capable of achieving excellent results on localized fat deposits and skin laxity. Results may vary, and realistic expectations can help anyone who chooses the procedure to realize satisfaction. The complication rate remains low, while satisfaction receives a high rating. With a combination of factors that matter in decision making, the method used in evaluation makes the technique produces results that please clients. In addition to disqualifying conditions related to circulation or sensitivity to cold, those pregnant or with a hernia are allowed/disallowed.


Those individuals that qualify for this procedure and have stubborn trouble areas (arms, abdomen, thighs, love handles, bra line, etc) can receive this non-evasive procedure that melts fat away. Leaving you with more confidence about your appearance. 



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