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Smile Brite OC is happy to announce our merger with Brite and Beautiful OC.  Our mission is to help make you feel beautiful inside and out. We will continue to strive for excellent results and customer satisfaction.  Additionally, we have upgraded our massage chairs to Zero Gravity Acupressure Chairs! So book your appt now, lay back, and float through 15 minutes ending with 2-8 shades whiter!

Cosmetic teeth whitening is a simple cosmetic procedure. We use a proprietary teeth whitening gel which is activated by an accelerator light resulting in your teeth lifting 2 to 8 shades whiter. For most the process is pain-free and causes no sensitivity to your teeth or gums. For those veryfew that have had extreme sensitivity with other products and services in the past have not had that same experience with our process.

Our Process

step 1 whitening
Step 1

A whitening technician will help you to get comfortable with the perfect zero-gravity acupressure/heated chair settings while explaining the teeth whitening process. We will check the color of your teeth so that you have a visual on your starting and ending shade.

step 2 whitening
Step 2

A peroxide-based photosensitive whitening gel is applied to your teeth to deliver the maximum bright whitening results for your teeth.

step 3 whitening
Step 3

Now it’s time for you to sit back in our cozy acupressure zero gravity chair, enjoy your favorite music while our teeth whitening accelerator light activates the photosensitive gel and does its magic!

step 4 whitening
Step 4

15 minutes later and Voilà! You are 2-8 shades whiter 🙂

Prior To Your Appointment

1. Have a dental check-up within two years.

AFTER Your Appointment

1. Do not eat for 30 mins.
2. Do not have staining foods for 24 hours (this helps you to resist stains better). 
Examples of staining foods: Tomato-based, curry, coffee, red wine, dark sodas, coffee, blueberries.
VIPs receive 1 single whitening credit monthly. Credits roll over, 2 credits can be used for a double session. After receiving a single or double you are eligible to sign up as a VIP Member. There is a 1-year membership requirement. If you cancel prior to the 1-year commitment you will be charged back for the full price of all the visits during membership minus the monthly total of the membership you paid in. 
If you did not sign up the day of you have 1 week to call and request VIP membership.  The charge will backdate to the day of your appointment.


One Treatment


Two Treatments


Photos from our Studio

*Individual results may vary

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