Teeth Whitening & Tan VIP Membership Contract

Welcome to our VIP Membership Family! The VIP Membership gives you the opportunity to keep your teeth white and skin bronzed throughout the year at a very affordable price. Please read through this contract agreement carefully and thoroughly. 

  • Payment and Terms:
    1. Payment of $328 is due after selecting membership online, these are the payments for your first Double Teeth Whitening session for $199 (valued at $269) and your first spray tan (valued at $49), and also the first payment for your monthly membership ($80)
    2. You will be charged $80.00 (eighty dollars) by credit/debit card day of sign up. Your card on file will be charged monthly on the date of the month that you signed up for VIP. *Please advise us of any changes regarding the payment card on file.
    3. You agree to the VIP Teeth Whitening & Tan monthly membership which includes 1 Single Teeth Whitening and Tan, (valued at $248). Unused credits roll over. 
    4. The VIP Teeth Whitening & Tan Membership has a 12 month commitment. The member cannot cancel the membership until after the initial period. After the initial period, the membership will automatically renew on a monthly basis until you provide a written 30 day request of cancellation. 
    5. The Teeth Whitening and Tan VIP Membership may NOT be used in combination with any other promotional offers and packages, discount coupons or gift certificates.
    6. Credits from the Teeth Whitening & Tan VIP Membership that the individual has paid for may NOT be transferred to other services or merchandise. This Agreement is personal to the member(s) and may not be assigned or transferred by the member(s).
    7. The Monthly Membership Amount of $80 is non-refundable. 

  • Cancellation and Rollover Policy:
    1. The Teeth Whitening & Tan VIP Membership is a one year commitment. The individual’s credit/debit card will be charged monthly. 
    2. A member shall not be entitled to terminate or suspend his/her membership during the initial period of 1 year. If the contract is terminated prior to the end of 1 year term, the member will be held responsible to pay any outstanding charges for the remainder of the year. The member then has 30 days to come in and use 1-2 credits that they have for a Final Single or Double Teeth Whitening and 1 Tan credit per week within the 30 day period. All other credits accrued will be lost.
    3. The individual will state the reason for cancellation of VIP Membership no less than 30 days prior to the next charge, and pay any remaining balance pertaining to your membership.
    4. If a month is missed and paid for, that credit will be in the member’s account until credit is used or membership has been canceled. The member can receive a double teeth whitening with 2 credits (once they have been accrued). 

  • Automatic Payment Agreement:
    1. Membership payments will continuously charge the member’s debit/credit card each month following the day that the member signed up for the VIP program.
    2. You are responsible to ensure that the credit card number on file with Brite & Beautiful OC is valid so that the monthly fee can be charged to that card. You may change the credit card provided at any time, however, it is the member’s responsibility to make sure that there is always a valid credit card number on file with Brite & Beautiful OC for payment of the monthly fee of $80. If there is not a valid credit card on file with Brite & Beautiful OC at the time the monthly fee is charged to that card, and one is not provided within ten days after the regularly scheduled date for payment, Brite & Beautiful OC  may exercise any and all rights available to it, whether under this agreement or under applicable law, which may include, but are not limited to, suspension of your membership until such payment is made, assessing a late payment fee of $25 per month and/or terminating this Agreement.
    3. If there has been failure to pay and/or a valid credit card has not been updated for the monthly fee of $80 to go through after 90 days, your bill will automatically be sent to a collection agency and membership will be canceled.
    4. Brite & Beautiful OC reserves the right to review subscriptions periodically. Members will be given at least a 30 days notice in writing of any changes, which include: (i) any increase in membership fee, (ii) change in date of automatic withdrawal, (iii) pause or cancellation of membership on our end.