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A customized airbrush spray tan provides a healthy sunkissed glow. After just one 15 minute appointment you will have a beautiful tan without the harmful UV lights or rays and no smell or orange color effect.


Prior To Your Appointment

1. Shower and exfoliate (do not use oil-based exfoliant products)
2. Do not wear makeup, lotion, or deodorant.
3. Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing.
4. If wearing a bathing suit during tanning, do not wear a string bikini. 

AFTER Your Appointment

1. Wait 24 hours to shower – Our solution we believe is the best on the market. There is No Smell, No Stickiness and does not process Orange.
You can shower as soon as 18 hrs. The product processes for 24 hrs and we recommend you shower at 24 hrs.
2. Wear loose-fitting clothes. Do not wear socks.
3. Do not engage in activities where you will sweat.
4. Wear loose-fitting pajamas to bed.
5. Do not have services done until after you shower such as mani/pedi/facials.
6. Use only paraben & sulfate-free shower gel. Put the gel in your hand to please. Do not use washcloths as this will reduce the length of your tan.
7. Apply a paraben & sulfate-free body butter.
8. Apply body butter every day and stay hydrated to extend your tan time.
9. If spending time in chlorine pools or ocean additionally apply a tinted tanning lotion.
Spray Tans last 5 days.  With the right products and following our instructions, most clients enjoy their tans for 7-10 days.
*Sulfate and Paraben products available for purchase.  Our brand is made by the manufacturer of the spray tan solution and will work the best to extend your tan.


Our tanning solution is an award winning Sunless Solution that utilizes micro-nutrients to boost antioxidants and a natural
looking color result. Ideal on all skin tones, and without any color transfer to clothing.
Our products contain Natural Enzymes to repair weak, dehydrated skin and promote the efficiency of the body’s own
natural moisturization factor. Unique dermal barrier locks DHA within the top layer of skin, where DHA performs best,
providing longer lasting, deeper color results.

Our products are formulated without Parabens, Gluten, Sulfates, Phthalates, Synthetic Fragrance, Petrochemicals, GMO’s, Tricolsan.

SAY GOODBYE TO THE SMELL: These rave-worthy, spray tan solutions are fragranced-free with the essence of raspberry almond (always nut allergy-free), a deliberate fragrance combination that actually helps to eliminate that dreaded sunless tanning smell. Not just nice to smell, these formulations also trap and encapsulate the malodor molecules that occur when DHA reacts with the chemistry of one’s skin, rather than merely masking it.

Spraying and dry time can take approximately 15 minutes.

– Your spray tan will take 18-24 hours to process to see the full color and will last 5-10 days. Customers using our process and products are seeing their tan last 7-10 days

1. Before your sunless tanning treatment make sure to shower and exfoliate. Do not use exfoliating products that are heavily oil-based, as these types of scrubs leave a residue that blocks the tanning process.
2. Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing.
3. For best results, do not schedule any beauty treatments the day of your appointment and do not plan to engage in an activity that will have you sweat during your processing time of 18-24 hours after such as exercising.
4. Do not have services such as pedicures, manicures, and massages during your processing time.

  1. Your technician will consult with you on your ideal tan.
  2. Please inform your technician of any skin problems, trouble spots, or any issues you may have had with other sunless tanning products.
  3. Your technician will ask you to apply moisturizer for manicures, pedicures, and dry skin areas.
  4. The application time takes approximately 15 minutes, but plan on a total of 30 minutes from start to completion.
  5. Do not worry if your hands and feet appear lighter than the rest of your body. These areas are purposely sprayed lightly because they develop more intensely than the other areas of the body.
  1. After your treatment, we recommend waiting 18-24 hours before your first post-treatment shower. This will give adequate time for the solution treatment to properly develop. This development is imperative for the best results.
  2. If you need to wash your hands during the development time, remember to “wipe” only the palms of your hands and not to submerge hands into the water.
  3. Until you have completed your “treatment development time”, you should not expose your skin to water, excessive sweating, working out, other products (including lotions, creams, makeup, etc).
  4. During your first shower, the color runs off is just the bronzer used as a color guide. This color is not your tan washing off.
  5. Use soap only where necessary. Scrubbing, exfoliating, shaving, and waxing will cause the tan to fade more quickly.
  6. Moisturizing is imperative to preserve the length of time your tan will last. Moisturizing also helps ensure that your tan fades naturally and evenly. Try a Shea Butter Body Moisturizer it will prolong the tan, but will not deposit additional color.
  7. Having a sunless tan does NOT protect you from sunburns. It is very important to always wear sunscreen and reapply often when spending time outdoors.
  8. During the week after your tanning session, try to avoid using exfoliating products or products with oils in them. These products shorten the life of your tan.

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*Individual results may vary


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